Welcome to Busted Arse Films

Here you will find a showcase of all our cranking short films.



Dirt, Demolition, Dust and Destruction. If this is what you crave then Deadlock delivers.

Our showcase film features extreme drivers thrashing unlicensed boonga cars through the Australian outback.

Black Sabbath

The Black Sabbath feature mixes Walt Disney’s Night at Bald Mountain from the film Fantasia with the song Black Sabbath from the album and band of the same name.

The results are truly remarkable with the lyrics and music from the song matching almost perfectly with this classic cartoon.

Jedi Training

May the Force be with you in this Jedi Training feature.

This film was made for a Star Wars themed birthday party and was shown as the introduction to a Jedi Training program.

The film shows some Jedi masters arriving on Earth to teach a group of young students the ways of the Force and the skills needed to become a Jedi.

The training included learning to use the force, training with a lightsaber, practicing with a blaster and defeating the dark side.


Busted Arse Films also has a number of other miscellaneous films available online.

Kakadu with Speed is a whirlwind tour from Darwin to Kakadu National Park and back in a hire car that spent three days with its accelerator pedal pushed against the floor.

Fire Training is a fire-fighting exercise for a newly formed fire-fighting group that has been given the task of putting out a disused cabin that has been set-alight.

The Big Freeze is some old-fashioned fun in the snow after a large snowfall event descended on the UK & Ireland.